What can I do with my real estate license besides sell? 30 Jul,2023

Stretching Beyond Sales: Making Your Real Estate License Work for You

Now, if you obtain a real estate license, many people assume you're going to become a property sales agent. And while that is certainly one path, not everyone is cut out for the hustle and bustle - or the stiff collared shirts - that come with the territory. I'll have you know that your humble writer, Casper, is one such person. Although I possessed a real estate license, I found out pretty quickly that selling wasn't my jam. Thankfully, there're many more opportunities to use that license, apart from just being a sales agent. Let's get exploring.

Becoming a Real Estate Broker

Let’s start with something closely related – a real estate Broker. As a broker, you have far more freedom than an agent. While still involved in the sales aspect, your responsibilities shift to networking, setting up your own shop, and running your own business. Plus, there's the immense satisfaction of offering clients your own unique style and services. Remember that time when I had to handle a strained sale involving my pet parakeet, Sky? Trust me, as a broker, it’s these unique solutions to peculiar situations that make your workday all the more interesting!

Property Management Made Easy

Next up, we have an often overlooked but highly rewarding option - property management. Think of it as the greener, mellower cousin of sales. You'll still be dealing with properties (and people), but less about selling and more about maintaining. Acquiring rent, ensuring repairs, screening tenants - this all falls in the domain of a property manager. My wife, Henrietta, once remarked if managing our poodle Baxter was anything like it, and I told her it was - with far less fur involved!

An Appraiser's Eye

Now for those of us with a knack for detail and a love for number crunching, becoming an appraiser could be your ideal job. In this role, you'll be determining the worth of properties. And not just based on a hunch or a few scribbled notes, but detailed reports which account for everything from local neighborhood trends to the quality of fixtures in the property. Given my inherent meticulous nature (fun fact: Baxter's dinner is weighed to the gram each night) becoming an appraiser was something I enjoyed thoroughly!

Rental Agent: The Reliable Income Route

Imagine this - a job where you're still deep into the real estate world, but without the cutthroat competitiveness of sales. Perfect, isn't it? That's what being a rental agent avails. Here, your task is to help clients find their dream rental properties. From apartments for city slickers to beach homes for those seeking refuge from a busy life, you're the key to unlocking their dreams. Just like when I found that perfect little beach house for Henrietta on our anniversary. It wasn't an easy task, but the joy in her eyes made every minute worth it.

Unleashing Your Inner Teacher: Real Estate Trainer

Finally, for those real estate license holders with a burning desire to share their wisdom - there's the route of becoming a real estate trainer. Here, you'll have the chance to shape the agents of tomorrow with your expert knowledge and, more than once, hilarious anecdotes. Trust me, a story involving a poodle (Hello Baxter!) and a client always tickles a laugh out of your students. It’s a unique and rewarding opportunity to pass down your love for real estate to newbies in the field, preparing them to carry the torch forward.

So there you have it folks; your real estate license is a key that opens up an array of doors. Whichever you walk through will lead you to a career that blends perfectly with your unique skills and personality. Remember, you're not just a salesperson; you're a guardian of dreams, a bearer of keys, and a guide along the path of property ownership. As they say, 'home is where the heart is,' and who better to guide the way than you? So, put on your property thinking cap and get adventuring into the landscape of real estate. There isn't a one-size-fits-all career here - you have the freedom to choose!

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